Perhaps the most telling insights from the UK Top 50 come from seeing the long term performance of certain production houses. While each year’s results are a snapshot, multi-year analysis reveals the rise of successful new producers who bring a fresh approach, creatively and in business methods.

This is a market wide open to innovation, as shown by the rise of producers like Plastic Pictures and Media Zoo over the past decade. The Top 10 must stay exceptional to keep their places, as dynamic competitors snap at their heels.

For sheer consistency at the highest level, The Edge and Pukka stand out as the only producers to have appeared in the Top 50 in every edition since our records began in 2008. In 2023 Pukka are ranked close to their highest level, two places below 10th in 2022, while The Edge have appeared in the top four every year since 2009 – an unrivalled achievement.

The Top 10 over time reveals names that have now disappeared (Jacaranda) alongside more recent powerhouses like DRPG, Casual and Radley Yeldar. We will no doubt see further evolution over the coming years. But which producers will rise to the top?